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Halal Leather Tracking

Many countries with large Muslim populations are facing the same problem that Halal and forbidden animal skins are processed with the same machinery and tools.

Made with 100% Halal Leather

Halal Jild Products

Why Halal Jild?

The real problem for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries is buying items of daily use like Belts and Wallets made of Halal Leather. Muslims used to buy leather products in their own countries without any hesitation because they knew that they were made from the leather that comes from the animals that are slaughtered according to Islamic laws. So without any hesitation they wore them, offered prayers in them, and touched them with their wet hands. But now a days because of cheaper prices, majority of the leather products are being imported from China and many other non-Muslim countries. China also produce world’s largest quantity of pig leather being produced in the same factories where Halal Animal Skins are processed.

Leather Processing